Laurent’s consistency and dedication genuinely inspired me last year. We set out with the goal to get him back running again and he quite literally has not stopped since. There is a high percentage chance he is running right now!!

A fantastic success story of commitment and many, many achievements. Here is Laurent’s story in his own words…..

It’s late January 2023, I’ve just got back from a business trip to India and my plan to get fit again and lose a couple of stone so that my waistcoats fit has stalled. In a week’s time I will have my first ever personal training session and I’m a little nervous about it. I had not run in far too long and I went out and ran a very slow and painful 5k, I messaged Iain to tell him and said ‘Every journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step’

Fast forward to the 20th of December 2023, I messaged Iain and this time I said: ‘About halfway down Froghall I passed the 1000 mile mark for the first time since 2012! Thank you for all your help!’

I can honestly say that I would not have achieved my goals without Iain’s help and the regular Wednesday evening sessions, from a practical perspective I learned which exercises I needed to do to improve my running. Core work, squats and my personal favourite jumping onto a box! I had always been a runner but never had any guidance on which exercises I should be doing to improve my running and as I was getting back into it after a long time away it really helped.

It was great to have someone to chat to about the running, who is always encouraging and was genuinely pleased when I passed another milestone. We talked about my goals early on and I said that I wanted to be able to happily go out and run a half marathon, just because I felt like it. In the end I ran my first one at the end of April and achieved my goal of going under two hours, I then ran three more culminating in the Northampton half where I finished in 1h38 and was over the moon. 

Iain is really good at talking you through the best way to get to your goals and pushing you when you need it, also if I was feeling a little rubbish before going to a session I would always feel better by the time I finished. An hour of chatting about music, life, food, running etc while doing exercises that I knew were contributing to me getting to where I wanted to be was brilliant.

So, where am I today? Over the course of 2023, I lost two stone, in fact I’ve had to buy all new waistcoats because the ones that were previously tight are now too big! I ran further in 12 months than I had ever run before, I ran my fastest half marathon for over ten years, ran the fastest mile I’ve ever run and fell in love with running again. 

If you want some help with losing the Christmas weight gain, if you have specific exercise goals you want to achieve, or if you just want to get fitter and feel better about yourself then I recommend that you give Iain a call and on that note I’m just popping out for a quick lunchtime 10K!