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We’re are weight loss specialists with a highly successful approach to weight loss and fitness coaching. We create long lasting and sustainable change to enable our clients to live the lives they desire and deserve!  We grew tired of the ‘quick-fix’ solutions typical of the health and fitness market and knew there was a better way.  A way that focused on helping our clients retain a level of fitness beyond the short-term and offered a realistic and lasting solution to weight loss. No dramatic changes just a slight tweaks and better decisions… then practise the new habits until they stick.

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We create a personal, structured and sensible plan that focuses on long-term success. We focus on changing attitudes and impulses, helping you become a slimmer, fitter and more confident person in the process. Our 12-week course is the first step towards a better, healthier life. We provide a structure to ensure you have full control over your weight loss and keep it as simple as possible. We tailor it to ensure that you won’t have to give up your favourite foods and you get to do more of the exercises that you enjoy.

the way they think forever!

We offer a different approach to many fitness programs, with a focus on how YOU achieve the results. We help you to change your mindset and achieve sustainable results beyond the 12-week course. We work with you to change your habits, creating a new positive outlook to exercise and eating healthily in the process.

Our aim is simple. To help you to Hit Your Goal. 

Our aim is simple. To help you to Hit Your Goal.

“I would recommend Hit My Goal without hesitation. Iain is supportive, helpful, positive, and most importantly for me, he is real.”

This is an ongoing story of a sedentary accountant who has learnt to love the way she looks.

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