We all have an inner rockstar right? Jo has in abundance and this year it has been fantastic to watch her redefine what she wants out of her future. 2023 had parties, gigs, silent discos, nights out, eating out, holidays, birthdays, injuries, zero dieting yet she managed to lose 3 stone and enjoy life with more balance, increased confidence and was less absorbed with her weight and low self esteem. Oh and a lot of running!!

Jo’s consistency and commitment to balancing food and fun has been was nothing short of outstanding. I’m excited to see what 2024 holds for her.

Here is Jo’s 2023 story in her words…….

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Yo yo diets, emotional eating, living life to the maximum and eating and drinking our way through the year…the diet can wait… until it can’t.

For me it’s been a perpetual cycle of starting the year weighing more than the last and questioning how that can possibly be the case when all I have thought about in the last year is what I am eating and how much I weigh. Like many people, it’s obvious now looking back I was kidding myself, making excuses, I’ll start on Monday…

When I started working with Iain in January 2023 all of that changed and a year later, I started the year over three stone lighter, three stone!! This year there is no uncomfortable desperate slimming world weigh in, no post-Christmas self-loathing, no starving myself in January, this year I am starting the year positive, ready to continue to work towards and ultimately achieve my goals.

Working with Iain on my weight loss and fitness really has been one of the best investments I have made (if only I had invested less in fad diets and ready meals). 

We have worked simultaneously on fitness and nutrition, and I have felt confident in taking control of what at one point seemed so desperately far from reach. Iain is knowledgeable, motivating, patient and invested, I am certain my goals were as important to him as they were to me. We have worked through life challenges, pressure points, the bits of the year where I always give up and fail, injuries and holidays. At no point have I felt like I’m going backwards or that my time could be better spent.

Aside from the weight loss itself, I have run 10 k this year and now run 5k three times a week. As a mum of four, I didn’t have time to run a bath let alone run for fun, yet here I am, running and dare I say enjoying it. I have a sense of mental clarity and peace that has eluded me for years, it’s amazing just how much of your internal dialogue is taken up by your thoughts about weight and weight loss when you’re not in control. It’s also interesting to reflect on how negative that dialogue can be and the impact that has on all elements of your life, whilst I have never been a wallflower the changes, I have made this year have no doubt impacted on my confidence and approach to life and my future.  

So, what about 2024? I am not done with Iain yet, with a half marathon on the cards and more weight loss to go I have much still to work on and find the weekly sessions invaluable in keeping me on track. I would absolutely recommend that if you are seriously thinking about improving your fitness and/or weight loss, you should invest in yourself and give Iain a call.