Weight loss, made simple.

On the Hit My Goal course you start day one with a food and exercise plan that you and your coach agree is right for you. We want you to continue to eat your favourite foods and to enjoy your exercise in a simple to manage plan.

How the Hit My Goal course works:

Taking control

Weigh in and start your food and exercise plan

Discuss previous attempts to lose weight

Establish why you did not succeed previously and take responsibility for changes

Agree on your most important goals and what hitting them would mean to you

Review your progress and revise your food and exercise plan for the next phase

Practice makes perfect

Learn how to manage your mind to ensure life-long success

Practice your new mind techniques until they work naturally

Research healthier ways to eat your favourite foods

Renew your passion for exercise by making it enjoyable and essential

Review your progress and decide what you want to achieve in the final phase

Enjoy the new improved you

Set challenging weight loss and exercise goals for the best possible results

Recognise your progress and achievement and enjoy the benefits

Re-define your life as a slimmer, fitter and more confident person

Plan to use your new skills to continue to get better and better

Enjoy life

Course preparation (before the course begins)

  • Complete the Hit My Goal questionnaire (give us the lowdown on you)
  • Discuss with your coach and agree on a structured food, exercise and time management plan that suits you
  • Agree the best time for your weekly Skype / Phone call with your Hit My Goal coach

Course requirements (for best results but not essential)

  • Accurate scales
  • Smart phone (only free Apps used)
  • An activity tracker (Fitbit, Applewatch, Garmin type device)

“All this would not have been possible without the guidance, motivation, and overall support of Iain.”

Gareth went from a heavy drinking overweight 30 something to an all-conquering athlete.
In July this year (2018) Gareth completed Challenge Roth an Ultra Distance Triathlon (140.6miles) in under 12 hours. 

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