“Not now love, I’m recovering” said no amateur cyclist ever.

Sunday afternoon, you’ve got up early and ridden to meet your cycling buddies, you rode a solid 58.27 miles at 17.6mph average on Strava (although your Garmin says 17.8mph?). You are sat back and enjoying the satisfaction of whatever happens today you’ve already had a good one despite the tired legs. 

Then your partner drops the bomb “are we still going to B&Q to get the paint for the hallway?”. Before you know it you are on your knees mid-evening doing the second coat of gloss on the skirting boards and your thinking I can get this finished by 9:00pm and catch Vera on +1.

Sound familiar? 

The facts are life doesn’t allow us to get the recovery in that we want or need all the time but can we do more to help our bodies recover?

Lets take a look at some top tips to help us focus on recovery:

• Make sure you fuel and hydrate on your current ride. Don’t come back on vapours. You are not Tony Martin on a time-trial collapsing on the line.
• Prepare for protein. Whether it’s a chicken breast, fish, milk, nuts or a protein shake have something ready for your return to start the recovery immediately.  
• Mobilise your limbs. Have a really good stretch. By putting your body in positions other than the fixed one you have been in on the bike will reduce muscle sensitivity later.
• Elevate those tired legs. It seems an odd one but lying on the floor with your legs up a wall and your head on a pillow can help with blood flow and prevent pooling.

To sum up this look at recovering from a hard ride it is just doing the sensible things well. A bit of discipline and pre-planning gives you the best chance of recovering for your next cycling adventure.

An occasional early night and a regular massage will also help the ongoing body maintenance.

Now stop looking at bike stuff on your phone and finish painting the hallway.