Have you fully committed to your winter training program yet? 

Are you secretly harbouring a desire to hit spring time a super-light and lean cyclist? 

Do you want to be the envy of your cycling buddies by sailing effortlessly up hills, with a turn of pace that gets you to the café first in 2019? Fancy a bit of stealth training from home?

You do! Great, then you’ll like this.

——-Cycling ESP – Winter training from home——

Cycling ESP (Endurance, Speed and Power) is a 12 week program to help amateur cyclists maximise their winter training.

-A dedicated weekly call with your coach
-Increase all areas including fitness, strength, core, nutrition and mindset
-Use your rapid progress to stay motivated 
-A structured program that you do at your home or gym
-Use your own bike / turbo trainer / exercise bike
-Learn what simple exercises will help make you a stronger cyclist
-Measure your progress
-Enjoy training like the pro’s from the comfort of your home (mostly)

Contact us by email: info@hitmygoal.co.uk for more information and costs