Getting the balance right

–There is nothing wrong with being busy with work, looking for the next sale, making the latest project work or ensuring your workforce are focused and motivated.

–There is nothing wrong with long days at work then grabbing a bite to eat before settling down with your laptop and finishing off that report until late evening.

–There is nothing wrong with working really hard, being relied upon to deliver results, bring in new business or improving your service or product so your customers get better value.

–There is nothing wrong with increasing your income, wanting that bigger forever house, a nice car, more financial security, lovely holidays and enjoying the finer things in life.

–There is nothing wrong with the above as long as you are healthy and happy right?

How is your work-life balance?

But what if you have got so caught up in your busy life that you have ignored yourself? What if you have put on weight and don’t feel happy about it. What if in a years time your are another 10-15lb’s heavier because you are eating on the go or haven’t got time to cook? How would you feel then?

There is something very wrong if you are unhappy with yourself as a person. If you have lost confidence because your clothes don’t fit right or feel out of breathe from minimal excursion like running up the stairs. 

If you are great at your job and your career is flourishing but you have self esteem issues, low confidence levels, anxiety, poor eating and drinking habits then the balance is all wrong. Luckily there is a simple solution.

By addressing your personal life the same way you would with any task for work. The skills are already there, you are good at them, you just need to make you a higher priority.

If you lack confidence because you are not the weight or shape you would love to be then figure out a way to get the body you need to feel good. Look at what bad habits you have and commit to changing them. Eat better, move more, enjoy being slimmer and increase your confidence. 

Imagine how rewarding being good at your work, social life, family and to look the best you can while doing it? Amazing right? 


Well not that simple but hey that’s why we are here. If this resonates with you get in touch. We have helped hundreds of busy people find the right balance. If happier is your aim that’s what we will help you to become.