This is a look at the differences between doing a diet or seeking help with weight loss.


Traditionally diets have been a period of time where you deprive yourself until you feel desperate and crack and reverse any good you’ve done.  Not great but hey at least you tried right?  Well until next time anyway.

Nowadays there are a lot more options that offer structure and ongoing support which helps with motivation to keep going for longer and hopefully get you to a place where you can enjoy being slimmer for a period of time.  These options are better but again eventually enthusiasm disappears, life changes and the weight comes back.  Do you really want to go to Weight Watchers or Slimming World for the rest of your life? No, me neither. You see the pattern forming here.

In short both of the above options are floored long term because whether you are counting calories or sins or following a particular diet method you can’t maintain it for your whole life.  Diets are always a short term fix, a wish and a prayer, a band aid to the real issue. The real issue is why you ate too much and put on weight in the first place.  There is always a reason.

Weight Loss Coaching

Finding a balance, a happy place where you feel at your best in your body and confident at work, socially and with friends. You look great and that shines through.  Is that worth fighting for?  Do you know someone who runs, cycles or does sporting activity and has a slim athletic body and always seems to be in a good mood.  It is no coincidence. 

With weight loss coaching you are not trying to adapt your life to a fixed method or theory. No, you focus on creating the most perfect way to eat your favourite foods, drink your favourite drinks and do your favourite activities and still maintain your perfect body shape.

I know it may sound unrealistic but if you don’t set out to achieve this you never will.  You will always struggle with your weight and yo yo from this attempt to the next.

How?  By facing the reasons your previous attempts have not worked and taking responsibility for changing those bad habits you instantly take control.  Once you take control you can decide what weight you are happiest at and get there and more importantly stay there.  

Weight Loss coaching sets out to help you to establish, tackle head on and remove the reasons you have previously not succeeded with losing weight.  You get support through the entire process of highlighting your bad habits and for you to take ownership of removing them.  Then for the fun bit.

Once you have removed the bad habits you can start to rebuild new ones.  Teach yourself to eat better without depriving yourself. Understand your intake and be in full control of it.  No what balance of food and activity either allows you to lose weight or maintain your ideal weight for the rest of your life.  


Well, it’s a simple choice really.  Do you want a quick fix or a lifelong change?

However you dress up a diet it will never tackle the real issues and for that reason is floored. If you really want to escape the weight loss struggle invest in a weight loss coach.  Let an expert support you through your mindset transformation until your new habits are practiced and normal to your life.