Another brilliant testimonial from a local lady who is still very much on her journey to stardom…

What have you done with the old Julie?

I’m an Accountant who sits on her backside all day, I had not been well, and had piled on weight. I was really unhappy but didn’t know what to do. I’d been lost in diet clubs and crazy ‘diet-fixes’ for years, (none of which worked well) then I saw a friend who had lost an amazing 5 stone. She gave me Iain from Hit My Goal’s number and I contacted him. We started training the day after I returned from holiday in July 2017.

I told Iain that I wanted to lose 5 stone – he was the only person who didn’t mock me, or tell me i was being ridiculous, he believed in me from the start, supported my goal, and outlined a plan, which included running and a change in eating habits.

When we started training I couldn’t run to the end of the street; the first few weeks of running were a real mix of run/walks. Iain was always supportive, and pushed me, but at the same time he knew my limitations, so I wasn’t left feeling like I couldn’t move for days afterwards and dreading the next session.

At this time, I completed my first parkrun (on the last Saturday of July 2017), it took me 44 mins of super hard effort, trying to run and walking when necessary, and I could barely walk up the stairs afterwards. 8 months later and I’m down to 37 mins for a 5k, and I completed the Silverstone 10k a few weeks ago.

On my return from holiday last year a friend posted a photo on Facebook. I was horrified, all I could see was a huge inflated body, with calves melting into ankles, how i hated that photo! So much that I begged my friend to remove it. Just last week I returned from holiday again, and I posted a full-length photo of myself – I have distinctly different calves and ankles – I no longer hate how I look!

Mentally and physically I’m in a much healthier place. I really enjoy exercising now, I have a stressful job and find that when I run i don’t think about work… at all… its like a holiday for my mind but invariably when i get home i have a fix for a problem, that before i ran was insurmountable. Physically I’m a much better shape, I’m wearing smaller clothes (which makes me very happy!), my skin has a renewed glow, and the puffiness around my eyes is a distant memory.

I’ve changed my diet and my exercise regime. Iain has worked with me to make sure that it’s doable for me. He’s not set me silly targets that I would not be able to achieve. He understands that real life sometimes gets in the way and encourages me to take these bumps in my stride and not see myself as a failure.

As I write this I am almost 2.5 stone lost into my journey, I can run 10k, I’ll do a half marathon later this year, my resting heart rate has reduced from 70 something BPM to 58 BPM, my lung capacity has increased (I count breaths in and out on aircraft takeoff as I’m a nervous flyer, and my counting has almost doubled). Succinctly, I’m an improved, and much much happier version of myself.

I would recommend Hit My Goal without hesitation. Iain is supportive, helpful, positive, and most importantly for me, he is real. He understands weight issues, understands how you get there, and how to support his clients to get to a place they want to be. He’s a very personable guy who is easy to work with and get along with.