This is a story from a lady called Andrea from Brixworth who has worked so hard for her truly remarkable results

When I first started with Hit My Goal my coach Iain was keen to identify my motives for personal training. This was simple, WEIGHT LOSS… 5 stone actually but without feeling that I had to give up my love of food. A tricky combination I know! Fortunately for me, he engaged in my sometimes (dare I say) stubborn personality very quickly and was keen to support me in this challenge. I had tried pretty much all other ways to lose weight but none have worked.

I find Iain’s enthusiasm and overall approach to training highly motivating. He genuinely understands my frustrations with fitness and has motivated me to realise that the impossible can become possible. We are able to discuss my pitfalls with food too in a non-judgemental way and for this I can always be honest with him. He has taught me to appreciate the importance of target setting and with technology at my fingertips this really has had tremendous results with a 5 and a half stone weight loss. Yes that is 77lb’s lost and I am a totally different person not to mention my very different wardrobe (it now includes a sportswear section).

Ultimately, it is all about me taking responsibility for my own actions and being consistent. Iain did this in such a succinct way that I signed up and completed my first half-marathon independently with some friends from work. He empowered me to do this. I could never ever have imagined doing this, but with him as my mentor, I did ‘Hit My Goal’ and continue to strive for new goals.

Oh yeah, did I mention in my first session on the Ashway field in Brixworth I could barely even run the width of a football pitch so you can see how far I have come to run a full half marathon. I still can’t believe it myself. It was tough.

I still love my food but love being in control of my weight even more.

I hope this inspires you to give Hit My Goal a go.

Andrea, Brixworth