Finding the right weight loss coach for you.

The health and fitness industry is full of ‘the best way’ to lose weight or get fit. Most of these methods are put together by people that care. They want to offer help and have their own unique angle.   It can seem confusing or overwhelming deciding which weight loss plan is right for you.

Once you have signed up more often than not you are given a ‘follow this plan and get results’. A one plan suits all approach. However good the plan is it cannot possibly suit everyone, which means for a few people it will be perfect, others will get some results, some will get mediocre progress and the rest will not like the process at all. It is actually one plans suits some.

So here is an alternative. Find a good weight loss coach. A coach who takes the time to get to know you prior to you beginning work with you. A good coach can make achieving your goals as simple as possible.

Below is a list of the minimum you can expect from a good coach so speak to them first and proactively find out if they have a ‘proven method’ or whether they put together ‘personal programs’. Do not sign up until you are sure they are right for you.

  • Taken time to understand why you are coming to them for their services
  • Discuss what your ideal outcome would be both short term and long term
  • Establish why you feel this is your ideal outcome
  • Find out what your current training methods and levels are
  • Work with you to define your goals
  • Explain the steps you need to take to achieve your goals and how they will work
  • Plan the first phase together and agree a date to review and revise the next phase
  • Teach you how to use food to your advantage to maximise your results
  • Empower you to take responsibility for your goal
  • Make your training enjoyable

If you are serious about losing weight don’t leave it to chance by hoping ‘the best way’ happens to be a perfect match to you. By taking control of the process of finding someone to help you and knowing exactly what results you want to achieve you stand a far better chance of getting there.

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