Enjoyable Weight Loss! Really?

“Ok, from the 1st of the month I’m not going to eat sweets, chocolate, crisps, puddings, drink fizzy drinks or have takeaways”.

Sound familiar? How long can you keep it up before your deprived brain screams “GIVE ME A TREAT”. Admittedly the first few days do feel good and a few pounds will be lost but the fact you are reading this means you didn’t get the dream result.

Good news! There is another way to achieve your weight loss goals and have some fun along the way. First of all you need to get your mind in the right place by making a plan, a really good plan.

Here are some tips to help you to prepare your plan

Create space – Give your kitchen a spring clean and re-organise the cupboards and fridge
Out with the old – Throw away foods that do not suit your new plan
Plan to succeed – Make a list of your meals for the week and all ingredients needed
Shop smart – Only buy what you need. Great for controlled intake and money saving
Vary and experiment – Do not ever duplicate the previous weekly plan. Always start fresh.
Prepare for danger – If you are eating out look at the menu in advance and pick a healthy choice
Have a clear goal – Make your goal long term and clear ie. To get to and stay at ?lbs in weight

Now that is the functional bit sorted now for the fun stuff. Making a plan to lose weight stands the best chance of succeeding if it is filled with delicious meals and fun exercise and activities.

Some suggestions of how to make the best possible plan for lasting weight loss success

The good stuff – Look at what activities you enjoy doing and plan to do more
Revive hidden talents – What sports or activities did you enjoy in the past that you could do again
Grab a friend – See which of your friends are interested in joining in. Make it your thing.
New beginnings – Research what activities are on in your area and try something new
Eat out more – Look at local restaurant menus for healthy delicious dishes you could try
Perfect cook book – Compile recipes of meals you love making it the best cook book ever (for you)
Think long term – do sports or activities weekly and aim to have 30-40 different recipes you love

Most importantly don’t do things you don’t like for the sake of losing some weight. Don’t deprive yourself and be sensible with eating as a standard not in short bursts. The same goes for exercise, if you don’t like running, don’t run or if you don’t like burpees don’t do them but make sure you find things you do enjoy and do them regularly.

If you don’t set out to enjoy yourself whilst losing weight you probably won’t. Now go have some fun!

If it all still seems a bit daunting help is at hand.