Let me first of all clear up the myth that weight lifting makes you bulk up. Sure it can if you dedicate a serious amount of time to lifting huge weights for that purpose. Believe me for anyone who has tried to bulk up you don’t suddenly get big.

In-fact if you increase your muscle mass you’ll look slimmer than at the same body weight because muscle is denser than fat. Many naturally slim guys train up to 6 times per week but struggle to gain weight or bulk up. Why? They simply don’t eat enough.

Having never been naturally slim I come at this from the wishing to reduce my size /weight angle. Since I began weight lifting my physique has not only improved but I am a far more capable athlete and no I’m not a big muscle man. I am substantially leaner, more powerful and lighter than I’ve been for years.

If you have any questions about lifting weights and what is right for you, email me at iain@hitmygoal.co.uk