What is Fitness Coaching?

Simply put fitness coaching is results based training. Whatever your fitness goal is you and your coach set a realistic timescale and work together to focus your training on getting you there.

Think of an Olympian leading up to the games. Their coach lays out a daily-plan so they can wake up each day, follow the plan and trust that the process will get them to their peak form at the right time. This includes taking into account the rest of their life’s commitments including work, family and friends. You can have that too, with your own fitness coach.

Your coach is fully committed to helping you to Hit Your Goal easily and within an agreed time by completing an easy to follow plan. Your coaches job is to make the plan simple, focused, varied and enjoyable. Your job is simply to follow the plan until you Hit Your Goal. Then refocus and set the next goal.

These are the 6 key areas we look to help you improve:

Smarter Training

Mindset & Motivation

Better Nutrition

Habit changing

Lifestyle Choices

Target hitting

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